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Reading but not internalizing

By , January 3, 2010 3:30 pm

Okay, I did a little reading over the Christmas break, went out one day near dusk to try out the new camera and ended up with a whole set of blurred pictures. Hmmm, back to the reading table. It seems I forgot most everything I had read and reverted immediately back to my point and click mode. My granddaughter was with me and the need to snap quickly surfaced and no time was taken to apply my newly “read but not internalized skills”!  Things I need to remember when taking pictures with the T1i:

  • Press halfway down on the shutter button first when taking pictures. This lets the camera start making its calculations for taking the best shot. This is tricky and requires practice.
  • Using a tripod really steadies the camera and apparently I have very shaky hands when holding the camera. This will also help me focus on the picture I am about to take. One book told me that using a tripod will help me take my time and learn to imagine that I am  a highly skilled marksman with a limited amount of ammunition. Stop and think is the motto now!
  • For those times without a tripod I need to learn the professional way to hold an SLR camera. My right hand steadies the camera and lets me manipulate the controls with my fingers and press the shutter button. My left hand cradles the camera and holds most of the weight while the camera itself rests against my forehead or eyebrow. This also requires practice.
  • I don’t understand the basics of exposure and need to focus in and experiment here and learn about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

That’s enough for now, plenty more to learn but for now I’m headed back to the “photographing” board to refocus. Wish me luck!


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