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We can do it!

By , January 3, 2010 9:39 pm

I decided to start the new year by joining a Flickr group called 2010/365photos. Here’s a blurb from their description of the group:

This group was started for 2008/366photos, was used for 2009/365photos, and will likely be running for years to come.

A photo per day project for 2010 – 365 photos by the end of the year. No rules, except that you shoot one photo per day. Doesn’t matter of what, or with what.

The group started when a bunch of folks, mostly edubloggers, on Twitter decided to do the project in 2008. It grew like crazy in 2009. Who knows what 2010 will bring…

I’ve also started a new blog, Anne’s 2010/365 Photos,  to display my 365 photos. This commitment is what I need and I think this project will be a lot of fun as well as give me plenty of opportunities to practice!

D’Arcy Norman pointed us to Jason Webber’s post Tips for ‘One Photo a Day’ project. He makes excellent suggestions. I laughed when I read one tip as I have already spent way too much time thinking about these first 3 pictures!  So as I travel this journey I will keep tip #9 on my mind! I’m sure I will have more than one or two shots a month as cop-outs but I hope to stay the course!

9. Accept the odd ‘cop-out’ shot
This project is a marathon, not a sprint and even the most enthusiastic of us have our low, un-inspired days. On days like these, take a shot of anything and just live with it and certainly don’t beat yourself up for not keeping to your usual standard. At least one or two of my shots a month are cop-outs, but the point is that I haven’t missed a day!

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