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Initial learning about custom settings

By , January 8, 2010 5:56 pm

First, you have to select a shooting mode and the basic zone modes seem appealing as they do the settings for you.  However, they override many other possible custom settings on the camera. These custom settings are what can make the difference from an OK picture to a great picture.  Most of the advice seems to suggest beginners  learn how to adjust the functions of the camera that will give  the most control over our pictures. That means using the Creative Zone Modes. These modes  give the most  control over the camera settings. It makes you think about how you want your pictures to look and what effects you want to get with your pictures. So that’s where I first concentrated my efforts.

Now that being said, I find myself in a land of vocabulary that is new and overwhelming . Words like  shutter priority, aperture, ISO, white balance, metering mode, exposure compensation, are whirling around in my head and  just beginning to be a part of my new vocabulary. These new words are not yet second nature by any stretch.

I started by just jumping in and taking pictures. I figured I could learn by trial and error and getting lots of practice.  First, I just  went with the settings recommended for routine outdoor shooting given on one of the DVDs from the Magic Lantern Guides.  I’ve been taking lots of pictures and while I am getting lots of practice many of my photos are blurry, out of focus, and not sharp. The color also seems lacking. Many of them have a blue tint to them. I really don’t have an understanding about which functions cause this and what I need to do to correct it.

What is the best way to proceed now? I am really fascinated with this learning but need to think a bit about getting some order out of the chaos I’m feeling at the moment.

So back to the drawing board – I will overcome this maze of confusion!

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