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A time to turn off image stabilization!

By , August 8, 2013 12:39 pm

First off, if you have been confused about image stabilization , you are probably not alone. IS is how it is labeled on your lens. It is short for “image stabilization technology, which helps you control camera shake when you are holding the camera. It helps you reduce blurry photos that occur when your hands move as you are taking a picture.

On the side of your lens you will see an on & off switch for your image stabilization. When I first got my camera I made sure that IS was turned on all the time. ¬†However, through my readings and studying various books, magazines, and the internet I discovered that there is one big exception to this. That time is when you are using a tripod. You might have had an experience when you were using a tripod and couldn’t understand why you weren’t getting sharp images. So turn it off when using your tripod! When IS is turned on while your camera is on a tripod, it causes the camera to look for vibrations, which in turn, can cause vibrations!!



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